Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou presented a revised set of measures in sports to the council of ministers earlier this morning.

The improved epidemiological status of the country prompted both the health ministry and the Cyprus Sports Organisation (KOA) to draft a plan for the gradual lifting of measures as they pertain to physical exercise and sports.

Beyond the proposed guidelines, which will reportedly come into effect from Monday, the ministry will also examine the possibility of resuming the second division of Cypriot football.

Cyprus Football Association (CFA) president Giorgos Koumas has been in communication with the health minister, conveying the organisation’s desire to allow the division to resume.

At present, there is a possibility that second division footballers will be allowed to go back to training from February 8, with a view of going back to live fixtures on February 13.

Today’s meeting, which included the presence of the state’s epidemiological team, also involved talks around further sports-related relaxations, although no further lifting of measures is expected to take place during February.

This reflects the cautious approach the ministry of health is currently implementing, particularly as the number of cases and hospitalizations continues to be closely monitored as more measures become lifted outside of sports.