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Multi-cultural identities and the pressure to ‘belong’

For non-Greek speakers, this video requires captioning. After clicking the video’s play button, hover your mouse cursor over the lower border of the video, then click on the ‘CC’ button to turn on English subtitles.

What makes you who you are now? Is it your ancestry, your religion, the colour of your skin, your gender, or the society in which you grew up? Are you the sum of the family that raised you and their values, your friends, your life experiences, or the things you love and aspire to?

In this fascinating video, Onassis STEGI, the Onassis Foundation’s primary cultural space, hosts a compelling discussion between eight young people living in Greece, each from very diverse backgrounds, who share personal experiences regarding their cultural identity, and the way it is shaped by their daily lives.

At a time when the West often engages with the term ‘identity’ and the right to self-determination, which identities define who we are or what we view to be our community, our values, our desired lives… and how?

Based in Athens, the non-profit Alexander S. Onassis Foundation promotes Greek culture and civilisation, locally and internationally.

View the original video here.

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