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For the Love of Luxury: Why global sophisticates are opting for hotel-style branded residences

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From LA to Bangkok, Puerto Rico to Marrakech, branded residences have truly stepped into the spotlight in recent years. Although it was decades ago, back in the 1920s, that the first branded residences made an appearance on New York’s glitzy Fifth Avenue, their popularity has skyrocketed of late.

According to Graham Associate’s 2020 ‘Branded Residences: An Overview’, the global branded residences market has grown exponentially since the turn of the millennium, largely dominated by world-renowned hotel brands like The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company by Marriott International. North America remains the largest branded residences market, but interestingly, the report highlights that the fastest growth rates in 2020 have been noted closer to home, in MENA and Europe.

Following an exciting recent announcement by Marfields Group that Cyprus will soon welcome its first branded residences, The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Limassol, we take a look at why they have become so desirable for affluent buyers in all far-flung corners of the world.

An elevated lifestyle

Who doesn’t want to wake up and enjoy a refreshing dip in a gorgeous pool, or revive their senses with a detoxing sauna session straight after a busy day? There’s an undisputed appeal to living in a gracious and enchanting property that caters to your every need, with exclusive amenities including in-residence dining, luxury spas and fitness centres, kids’ clubs, shopping, and a whole range of round-the-clock personalised services to ensure that you live your best life in exceptional style. From 24/7 concierge and porter services, to professional management teams, residents are ensured an easy and convenient elevated lifestyle.

A world unto itself

Time is of the essence in today’s fast-paced world and retreating into a peaceful environment that offers a world of opportunities and inspiration all in one place, without the need to necessarily look for entertainment elsewhere, has become more important than ever.  Today’s global affluent tribe don’t have time to waste at the end of the day, and branded residences ensure individuals are given more time to do the things that are truly meaningful to them, in a hassle-free environment to treasure where leisure, privacy and exclusivity combines.  If investing in a second or third home, or even a holiday home, branded residences provide the same lifestyle required at home, when travelling.

Quality assurance & trust

Beyond the services and amenities to be enjoyed, those holding the key to branded residences, or those about to invest in one, can relax in the knowledge that the highest international standards are being adhered to. Offering a sense of reliability, the involvement of a highly respectable brand gives buyers confidence that they will receive high-quality service in terms of management and maintenance, as well as confidence that the property will be designed, completed and delivered to the best possible standards.

A sense of prestige

Enjoying the exceptional lifestyle that branded residences have to offer also goes hand-in-hand with the prestige linked to the specific brand in question. Branded residences are most often developed in extremely desirable locations – from cosmopolitan seafronts to prime urban hubs – and usually boast cutting edge design and technology, with luxurious interiors by famous designers. And they often feature unique and bespoke elements, with architecture designed by the world’s best. Today’s affluent buyers are becoming more design conscious than ever before, and look for impeccable attention to detail in their living spaces, so it’s hardly surprising that branded residences are now soaring in popularity.

Added perks & benefits

Beyond physical features, living in a branded residence comes with an array of intangible meaningful benefits, offering a personal emotional connection, creating moments, endless possibilities, and rare experiences to collect. More than just facilities, fixtures and fittings, it’s about tailored experiences and a feeling to be treasured and shared with a like-minded community. And enjoying life in a branded residence doesn’t just end at the doors of the property. Residents often benefit from a range of added perks, including loyalty programmes that can be enjoyed when travelling the world.


Marfields Group has announced the signing of a milestone agreement with Marriott International, confirming the highly anticipated arrival of the first branded residences in Cyprus, The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Limassol. Renowned as one of the world’s top three residential brands, The Ritz-Carlton Residences set the standard for refined experiences in the most vibrant locations around the globe.
The Residences now expand their global footprint to Limassol, offering an elevated lifestyle marked by extraordinary service and unparalleled comfort in the island’s most cosmopolitan city.

As the expertise of Marfields Group, specialised in high-rise residential, commercial and mixed-use developments in Cyprus, combines with the exclusive management by the world-renowned Ritz-Carlton brand, exceptional hotel-style living will become a new reality for Cyprus residents in an exclusive 33-floor tower.

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Disclaimer- The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Limassol are not developed, owned or sold by Marriott International or their affiliates.

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