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A conscious response to climate change and Covid-19 – Sadhguru (Cyprus)

In this video, yogi and mystic Sadhguru, in conversation with integrative medicine and personal transformation pioneer Deepak Chopra, discusses the need to address climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic by raising our overall consciousness.

“Human life will suffer immensely in the next three, four generations if we don’t make corrections,” says the Isha Foundation head. “Our plan is – at least for the next generation – we must leave a better space than the way we have made it right now.”

When it comes to climate change, he explains, part of the challenge is the fact that, once measures are taken to safeguard our immediate community’s needs, most of us do not grasp the scale of the emergency or our role in responding to it.

Meanwhile, governments who must implement climate policies for their countries, often drag their feet, because administrations know they will not reap a political reward in the short-term election cycle.

As for the spread of Covid-19, Chopra points out that at least 95 per cent of the human body consists of bacteria and microorganisms, and that diverse genetic material is not unfamiliar to us.

“We are the host for the genetic diversity of the planet,” he says, adding that what an appropriate Covid-19 response comes down to is managing the ecology to which we are exposed – which is itself dependent on the overall wellbeing of the planet.

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