Over 60 police officers and 30 patrol cars will be deployed in Limassol during Smokey or Stinky Thursday to make sure all the measures in place against the spread of Covid-19 are respected.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday, Limassol police spokesperson Marinos Vassiliou also said that, apart from the additional police officers and patrol cars, 12 members of the national guard and four customs officers will also be deployed to monitor the festivities which launch the carnival season.

“We are taking increased measures to monitor and control the places where people in Limassol usually gather during the festivity,” Vassiliou said, adding that a crisis management centre will be also operative throughout the day.

He said that police patrols will also be dispatched to other areas of the Limassol district, including those falling under the jurisdiction of the British bases, should there be reports of rules being broken.

Vassiliou said the police are also prepared to deal with a potential protest planned for Sunday in front of the Limassol town hall.

“The police are aware of it,” he assured. “We are prepared to intervene and take actions against whoever will be violating the measures in place.”