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Are you a beach lover? Plan a trip to the Bahamas with an Italian passport

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You became an Italian citizen after going through rounds of formalities. Congratulations! But the best part is that you made sure besides work, you see the magical places and cities of this astonishing and breathtaking country. Well! Once you are done with your country, chances are you might want to explore the other places as well!

Since summer is approaching, what better than traveling to a beachy location? And if we are talking about beaches, the Bahamas is the perfect place. The powdery sand, those hues of blue, ahh! You might be already dreaming of the Bahamas.

But! Hang on!

Did you think about the Visa restrictions? If not, let’s help you understand more about this.

Visa requirements before your travel plans

The entry restrictions usually vary depending on the travel destination. Also, the timeline of your stay makes all the difference. But did you know the assistance on Italian Citizenship was the right thing to do? Why? Because, as per the Henley Passport Index, having an Italian passport is one of the most beneficial things as it is ranked as the 4th most powerful passport in terms of traveling.

Moreover, you can visit around 140 countries worldwide without a visa or visa on arrival using an Italian passport. And the best part is, traveling to the Bahamas won’t require any visa with your Italian passport. And plus, with this, you can stay for a maximum of three months.

Now that you are ready with all the necessary documentation and paperwork, the next step is to search different places not to be missed.

Bahamas – places to travel

If you are thinking, “What will be the best time to travel?” Well! Ideally, it’s anything from December to April. Once known as a land of pirates or Loyalists, now it is known as a place of retreat for the rich and famous who love world-class diving, and sailing. Its islands are known for their distinct character and charm.

With the bonefishing, regattas, and uncrowded outer areas, no other place can beat this amazing destination. And c’mon, who can forget those throbbing rums or colourful outfits? So, if you are all set to go to the Bahamas, here’s what you should be on your itinerary.

Exuma Cays

What do you think about swimming with cute little pigs? Yeah! You heard it right. Besides the blue waters and vibrant ambiance, this secluded chain of 365 islands will make you fall in love with nature once again.

In fact, this is the only place that nature outnumbers people and it is flawless in every way. Plus, you get to swim with adorable creatures. You can easily reach this natural beauty using Air tours. Wait! Don’t miss the Thunderbolt Cave that’s popularly known as the James Bond cave.


Don’t miss Paradise Island, which is nearby. This bridge leads to the famous Atlantic Paradise Island Resort. It offers a plethora of activities, such as luxury shopping, amazing restaurants, and breathtaking attractions.

Here again, you get a chance to experience swimming with adorable creatures, such as dolphins and sea lions. And who can miss those amazing coral reefs and wreck dives? Plus, you can check out those historical ports or forts as well!

You can also explore white sand beaches (Cable Beach) or those candy-coloured colonial buildings at Bay Street or the Nassau Straw Market. This is also home to Blue Lagoon Island, Ardastra Gardens, and Convention Center.

Garden of The Groves

It is a premier location to experience nature. You can find winding trails, beautiful waterfalls, and sparkling fountains here. It’s the perfect place if you want to pray or meditate. Even if you are there with your family, your children will be able to play at the playground.

Plus, you will be really close to nature and wildlife. And those beautiful butterflies can make you relive childhood memories.


If you are looking for a relaxing place, this is the place for you. You will find crystalline waters and a variety of adventurous activities. You’ll get a tropical vibe with amazing shopping spots. Further, you will enjoy some delicious seafood here.

You can enjoy the colourful water life with the help of a glass-bottom boat. You will get a feel of a medieval castle. Or enjoy a luxurious on a catamaran cruise. The choices are endless.

Governor’s Harbour

This is the oldest place that dates back 300 years. You will find clapboard-sided real estate with the ambiance of England, Canada, and United States. Amidst the bougainvillea trails or casuarina trees, you’ll get a feeling of the old town of a colonial era.

Isla Harbor

If pink is your favorite colour, don’t miss out on this pink sand beach. You can completely unwind from the traveling stress by just sitting here. Also, the snorkeling boards or kayaks will help you explore waters. You can also plan a sunbathing session here. Or be a part of excursion trips.

Wrapping up

With everything halting for one entire year because of the worldwide pandemic things are finally getting back to normal or a ‘new normal.’ Which is precisely why people are looking for a family or romantic getaway as an escape from the monotony, so, ideally, a beach vacation will help you get the desired break that you were looking for for almost a year.

And as we said, the Bahamas is the best beach destination ever. The Bahamas is home to more than 700 islands. It starts from the coast of Florida and stretches to Haiti. Although not all the islands are inhabited, you have endless options to choose from when it comes to planning a vacation here.

And you don’t need a visa to travel to this exotic location. Plus, the sparkling transparent waters will make you feel all magical. Isn’t that what you expect whenever you travel for relaxation or retreat?

So, are you all set for your travel time?

David has been a part of Outreach Monks for more than 4 years. And during his time here, he has written immigration and travel-based articles to help readers get solutions to their most searched questions

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