The Animal Party is calling on people to stop abandoning their pets in fields after a dog disrupted traffic in Limassol-Nicosia motorway early on Tuesday.

Following a police announcement about a traffic jam on the Limassol-Nicosia highway near Ayios Tychonas, the head of the Animal Party Kyriacos Kyriacou told the Cyprus Mail that abandoned pets often find their way onto highways.

“Whoever does not want their pet anymore just sets them free anywhere, mainly in fields in villages from where the animals accidently end up in the motorway,” Kyriacou said.

He also brought up the example of the case where a donkey was found walking in the highway.

Police arrived at the scene around noon and removed the dog, which is a stray and traffic flow continued normally by 1pm.

“Animals found in motorways can easily cause accidents,” Kyriacou added.

According to the animal party, community leaders must take appropriate actions for the strays in their villages.

But the problem starts from irresponsible pet owners.

“This mindset must change. Adopting an animal must be a conscious decision and people must stop abandoning their pets like they do not matter to them,” the party’s leader added.