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In eco-friendly move, Lidl catalogue to offer recycled-plastic home items

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In a pioneering move, Lidl has introduced home products made of at least 95% recycled plastic, given that manufacture of such items use significantly less energy than conventional plastic products.

The new, environmentally-friendly home items on Lidl’s catalogue, consisting of storage boxes, buckets, laundry hampers and baskets and washing tubs, are available in various muted colours.

Much of the value creation of these items is covered by member companies of the Schwarz Group.

PreZero, as the Group’s environmental group company, manages the disposal and recycling phase in the chain of operation. Thereafter, the recycled products are sold at Lidl. This ensures a successful, inter-group company collaboration, as part of the joint REset Plastic Strategy.

Plastic is used in the manufacture of many items, as well as a packaging material. The high energy consumption associated with plastic, its low recycling rates, as well as the environmental toll of it being a non-biodegradable substance, make plastic a much-discussed topic with a high environmental impact.

Now though, thanks to the recycled-plastic domestic items it has begun to offer, Lidl customers have a more sustainable alternative to choose from, and can use their purchasing power to actively contribute to the preservation of important resources. In this way, 1,500 metric tonnes of old plastic have already been reused in the manufacture of new household goods, and generation of new plastic has been avoided.

The entire recycling and manufacturing process is handled in Europe. With its corporate network, Lidl can cover the complete manufacturing and value creation chain, thus ensuring high recycling standards. The new products are part of the REset Plastic strategy, initiated by the Schwarz Group.

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