Far right party Elam and the Green party rise to fourth and fifth places respectively, according to the results of a survey conducted on behalf of private Ant1 television.

The poll tips ruling Disy to win May’s parliamentary election with 19.4 per cent and main opposition Akel in second place with 17 per cent.

Diko is a distant third with 8.3 per cent, followed by Elam, 5.9 per cent, and the Green party with 4.5 per cent. The Movement of Independents received 3.7 per cent of the vote, Edek 3.3 per cent, and Dipa 1.8 per cent.

Smaller parties received under 1 per cent of the vote while the undecided made up 19.4 per cent. Close to 10 per cent said they were not voting.

Disy, which currently holds 16 seats, is seen winning between 16 and 18 seats; Akel, 14 to 16 (16), Diko, seven to eight (from seven), Elam, five to seven, (two), Green party, three or four (two), Edek, two or three (four), Independents, two or three (one) and Dipa could secure one seat (from three held by candidates who left Diko and are running with Dipa). The Solidarity Movement would lose both seats it currently holds, the poll said.

The survey found 36 per cent voted for a party depending on the quality of the candidates, 32 per cent on the positions, 26 per cent voted for the same party irrespective of candidates and positions.

Forty-eight per cent said they decided what to vote a long time before the elections, 18 per cent a few weeks before, and 14 per cent just days before.

Fifteen per cent said they decided at the last moment.

The survey was conducted by Cymar between March 29 and April 9, 2021. It included a sample of 1,002 people across Cyprus who were interviewed on the phone.