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Boulle market: discovering the heyday of 18th-century French furniture

In this Colnaghi Foundation video, The Wallace Collection’s senior curator, Helen Jacobsen, and senior furniture conservator, Jürger Huber, introduce us to 18th-century French furniture, with a special focus on pieces from the workshop of master cabinet-maker, André Charles Boulle.

Christened by his contemporaries as ‘the most skillful artisan in Paris’, Boulle’s name is synonymous with the practice of veneering furniture with marquetry of tortoiseshell, pewter, and brass. He also specialised in floral marquetry in both stained and naturally-coloured wood.

The Colnaghi Foundation is a UK-based charity promoting pre-20th century art and antiquities to a 21st-century audience.

View the original video here.

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