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Flagstones, cold clear water, Cypriot pines: from Kaminaria to Kalopanagiotis

Despite the present Covid-related travel restrictions, the beautiful natural and urban areas of Cyprus are still accessible to us through the lenses of local creators.

In this 4K video by wedding photographer and videographer George Avgousti, we return to the innocence and pleasure of roaming on our own, untroubled by anything other than curiosity and desire to explore.

Given the Covid-19 restrictions, many of us have been longing for the happiness of ‘lost’ days. The ones where, as a child, we simply wandered off to explore. Perhaps our mates were off playing somewhere else. Perhaps our parents had told us to ‘go and amuse ourselves’.

Either way, thanks to George’s smooth camerawork, here we enjoy flirting with a scraped knee as we try to ‘balance’ across rocky bridges, or climb down an irregular river bank, or follow village roads down multi-level terraces of trees, to slip into the cool, quiet interiors of little chapels, hail the local saint and travel on.

In this video, we visit such places as:

  • Gefyri tis Elias (Bridge of the olive tree) in Kaminaria village, Limassol district
  • The chapel of Agios Giorgios in Lemythou village, Limassol district
  • The chapel of Gerakies village, Nicosia district
  • Kalopanagiotis village, Nicosia district

To view more scenes of the island through George’s lens, or to book him directly for your special day, follow him via:

View the original video here.

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