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We are living a Covid nightmare

Police monitoring Nicosia's Ledra St

George Orwell’s Big Brother, Stalin, Adolf Hitler and their ilk would be jealous of the level of Draconian state measures introduced by the Cyprus government. There is a virulent virus, but there also a high degree of self-induced panic that has been massaged to utter fear by politicians and most of the media.

Ask the questions:

Who is making the money out of this “pandemic”?

Have any lockdowns worked so far, or have they merely delayed the inevitable spread of the virus when people meet after it?

What is the purpose of a “vaccine”, or should I say trial drug, with side effects, that does not prevent you getting the virus or you being a carrier (in the case of AstraZeneca only 79.5 per cent effective FDA findings)?

And is everybody who wishes to eat fresh food going to have to queue every few days for a Covid test that has a high failure rate whilst at the same putting them at higher risk from mass gatherings?

If this continued oppression persists we will return to feudal times with the aristocracy and the serfs being the new norm. Freedom of speech is already being eroded in Cyprus and comments that do not heed the ”party line” can have consequences, witness the lady who called her local mukhtar!

Chris Hamilton

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