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Stormy weather: the turbulent lifecycle and awe-inspiring power of cyclones

In meteorology, a cyclone refers to a large-scale mass of air, revolving around a strong, low-atmospheric pressure centre, and originating over large bodies of water.

They generally occur in three stages, which, in order of increasing magnitude and intensity are:

  • Tropical Cyclones (speeds of under 74 miles per hour)
  • Cyclones or Severe Cyclones (speeds between 75-120 miles per hour)
  • Super Cyclones (speeds above 120 miles per hour)

Those are the basics. But what about hurricanes and typhoons? Are they different to cyclones? Or are they the same event, but with other differentiating characteristics (hint: geography, direction of spin)?

And what were the monster dimensions of Typhoon Tip, the largest tropical cyclone on record?

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