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Between heaven and sky: a precarious ride to the Blue Lagoon

For lovers of the wild, unspoiled Mediterranean coast, the road to heaven may just lead to Blue Lagoon beach, located in the Akamas region, at the northwest tip of the island.

Yet getting there is no easy feat, as this recording from local videographer and wedding photographer George Avgousti attests.

Here, George makes the taxing journey relying on the ruggedness of his 4×4 jeep. And, thanks to the 4K camera secured to the front of his vehicle, offers us a first-person view of just how close to the edge it gets, driving the narrow, gulley-riven coastal path of the Baths of Aphrodite, to reach those crystalline waters.

Nevertheless, if the drop and unnervingly rocking horizon – thanks to the punishing rocks and ridges beneath the wheels – are no deterrent, the reward for keeping calm at the wheel is a vast, unfolding Mediterranean landscape that stretches out for miles.

And yes, eventually, a rocky playground of unparalleled glass-blue waters.

To view more scenes of the island through George’s lens, or to book him directly for your special day, follow him via:

View the original video here.

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