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Respect for rules of the road saved police officer’s life, force says

police bike

A police motorcyclist involved in a serious traffic accident on Saturday behaved correctly and followed the Highway Code, which saved his life, police said on Sunday.

The accident happened at 3.20 on Saturday afternoon near the Apollonian clinic in Nicosia when a police motorbike driven by a 44-year-old officer crashed with a fuel tanker as the latter tried to turn right.

As a result of the accident the police bike overturned and was cut in two, as a result of which the officer was thrown into the air and hit by an oncoming vehicle before landing with the bike wedged on top of him.

The police officer was taken to the Nicosia general hospital where he received treatment in the first aid department.

Because he was keeping to the speed limit and wore the appropriate protective clothing he only suffered cuts and bruises, the police said.

The police reminded the public that driving a motorbike requires more concentration and a better physical shape than a car.

A helmet and protective leather clothing should be worn at all times, it added, as it can prevent serious injury in the case of a fall.


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