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The innovative contents of the 21st-century medical bag

In this video, Dr. Bertalan Mesko, host of The Medical Futurist YouTube channel, discusses the portable and innovative diagnostic tools that will shepherd us into a new medical era.

The traditional GP’s medical bag typically features, among other instruments, a stethoscope, a reflex hammer, a tongue depressor, specimen bottles, and so on.

But given our age’s escalating advances, a host of digital health technologies are now becoming available, for general practitioners to conduct their work more efficiently and make their patients the points-of-care.

The 21st-century GP medical bag could thus soon include:

  • A hand-held ECG
  • A blood pressure monitor
  • Multi-diagnostic devices
  • A digital stethoscope
  • A portable ultrasound
  • An otoscope
  • A vision test

View the original video here.

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