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The choices available in life’s ugly situations – Sadhguru (Cyprus)

“What the world throws at us is not necessarily your choice, but what you make out of it is entirely your choice…”

In this video, yogi and mystic Sadhguru counsels youth on the appropriate response to life’s manifold ugly situations – applicable to listeners of every age.

“The more you try to do in the world, the more and more, many ugly situations you will have to face, whether you like it, or you don’t like it,” he notes.

“Now, because you face ugly situations, will you also become ugly? Or will you use this manure to blossom into a wonderful flower? This is a choice that you have.”

Humankind represents the present peak of evolution, he adds, so, it is our challenge to break from offering conditioned responses to the positive or negative circumstances of our lives.

“Do not look for ideal situations because there is no such place,” says the Isha Foundation head. “Wherever you go, there will be something happening that you think is negative.

“How we conduct these issues depends on: are we in a state of conscious response to these issues, or are we in some compulsive reaction to these issues – this determines how we conduct ourselves.”

Ultimately, says Sadhguru, “if you want your potential to open up in the world, one important thing that you must fix in your life is: your experience of life – either peacefulness or agitation, either joy or misery, blissfulness or suffering – whatever it is… your experience is entirely made by you”.

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