A local charity has designed an out of the box F*ck Covid T-shirt which became available for sale in their online store this month.

The design has a Covid icon in place of the letter ‘U’.

Karaiskakio Foundation, initially considered printing a F*ck Leukaemia T-shirt, decided to “think out of the box” and printed an anti-Covid T-shirt instead, a source within the NGO told the Cyprus Mail.

The T-shirt is available in two short-sleeved designs, a unisex with black-coloured font and one described as women’s with a dark yellow font. Priced at just €10 each, the designs are only available in white starting from small to double extra large sizes. The letter ‘u’ is substituted with the Covid virus particle.

The newest T-shirts come as an addition to the foundation’s clothing collection which previously solely included a white polo shirt with the foundation’s logo.

In a social media post to advertise the charity shop, Karaiskakio wrote “Buy for a cause…not just because!”

Other items concern colourful coasters, bags and buffs as well as fabric face masks.

The charity shop also offers a wide collection for children, as well as jewellery for various occasions among other things.

Karaiskakio foundation is in charge of the Bone Marrow Donors Registry which is the biggest per capita Donor Registry worldwide. The charity’s objective is the constant and reliable scientific support of patients with haematological malignancies and other related diseases, their website reads.