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Board beyond belief: the world’s most extravagant Monopoly set

No reason why a game about acquiring prime real estate can’t have its own Midas moment.

In this video, we learn of the world’s most extravagant Monopoly set, crafted with painstaking care by San Francisco jeweller Sidney Mobell.

The set came about thanks to Mobell hearing of a Monopoly tournament in London in 1988, and being inspired to create a luxe version of the board. After having secured the original makers’ permission, his efforts produced a set that, today, is valued at $2 million.

In terms of its elements, the set is crafted of 18-karat gold and contains 165 rubies and sapphires; it also comes with luxury cards and 42 full-cut diamonds – the dice alone are worth $10,000.

But there’s little chance of passing ‘Go’ with this board anytime soon – the set has only ever been played once, and is now on display.

View the original video here.

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