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CULTURESCOPE: interview with author Myron Edwards (from Season 1, Episode 10)

Given that every CULTURESCOPE episode comes packed with goodies, each standalone segment merits closer revisiting.

In this video, taken from Season 1, Episode 10 of CULTURESCOPE, founder and host of the popular web series Paul Lambis interviews Cyprus-based British author Myron Edwards, throwing an especial spotlight on the latter’s Aphrodite-inspired fiction trilogy.

Having worn several writing hats as part of career stints in the travel, radio and TV, and advertising industries, it was a personal connection that brought Edwards to the island – his permanent home since 2005 – sparking the inspiration that would motivate him to try his hand at fiction.

In the Nineties, given his wife’s Greek Cypriot roots, Edwards visited the famous Petra tou Romiou area, legendary birthplace of the island’s love goddess, and there, as we learn in this segment, received a lightning flash of inspiration for a story that would later become the first book in the trilogy: ‘Mistress of the Rock’.

Edwards has since penned the sequel, ‘Scylla – the Revenge’, and is working on finishing up the third book.

CULTURESCOPE is a Cypriot lifestyle and entertainment web show, exclusive to Good Living. Highlighting the best of Cyprus, and the inspiring commitment to art and culture, Paul Lambis shines the spotlight on the natural beauty and sheer diversity of the island, its previously hidden gems, and the people who continue to make a positive contribution to Cyprus, both locally and abroad.

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