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Sweeping beauty: a guide to exploring Scotland’s islands

In this video, we take a pre-Covid trip to Scotland’s beautiful islands.

Scotland is famed for its staggering mountains, beautiful lochs, and a variety of gems to explore, but it also has over 790 islands, each unique in their own way, and split into a few key groups: the Inner Hebrides, the Outer Hebrides, Shetland and Orkney.

Venture to the Inner Hebrides if you want to explore places seen in blockbuster films, such as ‘Prometheus’, ‘Snow White and The Huntsman’ and ‘Flash Gordon’, or, if you’re up for a scenic sailing tour. If magical lands filled with ancient history take your fancy, then head to Orkney.

There’s the Isle of Mull – a perfect location from which to encounter diverse wildlife, and Tobermory with its colourful houses and buildings. Try the fresh seafood in one of the local pubs, or, sample a dram or two of whisky by heading to the Isle of Islay, where you can choose from eight distilleries.

Then there’s the untouched beauty of the Isle of Jura to savour, or windsurfing on the Isle of Tiree, or the aftermath of turbulent history to explore at the ancient abbey on the Isle of Iona.

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, the waters off the Isle of Coll are a great place to spot giant basking sharks, and, even if you’ve never been there, you’re probably already familiar with Skye – it’s one of the most photographed, and talked about, of the Scottish islands.

As for the Outer Hebrides – they are perfect for visitors looking for crystal clear waters and golden sandy beaches, while further afield and equally magical are Orkney and Shetland. From exploring the remnants of ancient civilisations, viewing the Northern Lights during the darker winter months and listening to the cries of thousands of seabirds, all the way to experiencing lively folk music and ferocious Viking culture… there’s an abundance of wonder to absorb.

View the original video here.

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