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Police warn of online, SMS scams

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Police on Sunday warned of online and SMS scams, one concerning banks, the other courier services.

According to the police, its electronic crime unit has been recently receiving complaints about an online scam concerning banks.

People complained they received messages that their bank accounts were deactivated and were asked to confirm details of their accounts by being referred to fake bank websites.

People are urged not to reveal their details and passwords to anyone as no bank will ever ask their clients for their access codes, police said. On such occasions, before using passwords, people are urged to first make sure that they are on the actual website of their bank.

The other scam concerns text messages allegedly from courier companies informing people of the arrival of parcels for them. The message includes a link, that asks for recipients’ personal details and their credit card details for the payment of a small fee so that the item can be delivered to them.

Perpetrators can use this credit card information to access available funds, police said. People are urged to first verify the message was sent by an actual courier company while in case they have already given their credit card details, they must promptly contact their bank. In case money was stolen from their accounts, they are urged to report to the nearest police station.

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