At a time when society’s but also the economy’s in general needs and demands are growing, the telecommunications sector must constantly change and improve, developing new technologies and offering consumers and businesses even faster and more reliable networks with high speeds.

In this context, Epic has recorded in recent years many top marks from international network measurement and control organisations, such as umlaut and Ookla, as the fastest and best in test mobile network in Cyprus.

The goal of this effort is to offer its subscribers the best communication services possible.

One of these big developments is the company’s 5G network, which was developed with the same philosophy that was followed for the development of its 4G network that made Epic the #1 mobile network in Cyprus. Epic 5G is available for the benefit of all: consumers, businesses, but also all manufacturing sectors.

As of today, we already have at our disposal mobile internet speeds that exceed 1Gbps. In addition, through the 5G technology, Epic manages to achieve even more reliable connections, which, along with the higher data transfer speeds, means that everyone can now enjoy real-time responsiveness. In this way, our communication takes place seamlessly even when multiple connections are active at the same time.

“By investing steadily in new generation infrastructure and technologies, we are actively participating in the digital transformation of our country. As of today, our subscribers enjoy 5th generation services, thus making innovative applications that will significantly improve everyday life a reality, while advancing entrepreneurship, which will transform the economy,” stated Thanos Chronopoulos, CEO of Epic.

All subscribers, regardless of their plan, including corporate customers, have access to the Epic 5G network at no extra charge. The only requirement is to have a 5G device that is certified for the Epic network, such as the Xiaomi Mi 10T, Xiaomi Mi 11, Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite, Xiaomi Redmi Note 9T, Xiaomi Redmi Note 10, Poco F3, Huawei P40 Pro or Huawei P40, with even more devices to be added soon such as the Samsung Galaxy S21 line of devices and the Apple iPhone 12 line.

You can learn more about Epic 5G at and through Epic stores and its associates.

Epic. Great network. Great value.

About Epic

Epic is one of the largest telecommunication providers in Cyprus. Epic provides integrated mobile and fixed telephony, internet and pay-TV services, as well as specialized ICT solutions for businesses. At the same time, it operates 18 stores with tech products, accessories and telecommunication solutions.

In 2019, it proceeded with the implementation of the biggest investment ever made for a super-fast network, with 10 times more capacity compared to the past and a wide broadband coverage.

Since 2020 Epic has being awarded four times in a row, receiving twice the “Best Mobile Network in Test” award by the global independent testing company umlaut and twice the “Fastest Mobile Network in Cyprus” award by the internationally recognized internet performance testing company Ookla.

Epic belongs to Monaco Telecom, the telecom provider or the Principality of Monaco, and is a member of a dynamic European telecoms’ family, which operates in France, Italy, Switzerland, Malta and Ireland.