The findings of a probe into complaints against police violence during a protest in Nicosia last February against the restrictive pandemic measures were delivered on Tuesday to the independent committee investigating complaints against the police.

The committee said it has received the report, a multi-page document, along with a bulky volume of testimonies the investigators collected during their probe.

The report was sent to president of the committee Andreas Paschalides, who, after studying it, will table it to the committee for discussion. This is expected in August.

The committee will then send the findings to the attorney-general with their suggestions on how to proceed.

The report concerns a protest last February by mostly left-wing organisations against pandemic measures and corruption, called ‘ENOUGH!’, that was dispersed by police, including with the use of tear gas and water cannon.

Many protesters reported police violence when officers tried to prevent various groups form marching to the meeting point.

Water hurled by the police water cannon, Aiantas, injured a young woman in the eye. The woman had to undergo several surgeries to preserve her eyesight.