The daughter of President Nicos Anastasiades on Saturday dismissed reports that she had contracted Covid-19 and said that she and her sister were fully vaccinated against the virus.

Elsa Anastasiades Loutsios responded in a social media post early on Saturday to what she called “fake news” that she and her sister Ino had not received an anti-Covid jab and had been treated at a Limassol-based private clinic after they contracted the virus.

“To put an end to the misinformation, it goes without saying that we are fully vaccinated and fortunately we are fine and not sick, neither my sister nor I,” she wrote on Facebook.

She also thanked people who had expressed concern about their health and had sent her messages saying that “by now we all have people we know who got sick and unfortunately some may not have made it”.

The daughter of the president also urged people to not waste energy with “speculation and untruths” and wished a speedy recovery to those who were “fighting with Covid in our hospitals” but also to their anxious relatives and friends.