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Woman charged for leaving dog on balcony during heatwave (Updated)

A woman who left her dog on the balcony without food or water during the heatwave was charged in writing and has temporarily lost custody of her pet, police said on Monday.

Paphos police were tipped off that a dog had been left on an uncovered apartment balcony around 1pm on Sunday.

Officers who arrived at the scene discovered the dog, that is a Labrador, had no water or food and the owner of the apartment was missing.

During efforts to remove the dog, the apartment’s owner arrived, who said she had recently moved to the building and was still working on creating a suitable space for her pet.

She was charged in writing for offences relating to the protection and welfare of animals.

Police said they also informed the Paphos’ veterinary services.

The dog was given to an authorised person for temporary custody and care following the consent of the owner and in collaboration with animal welfare organisations, until the completion of investigations.

An orange weather warning for high temperatures was in force on Sunday.

Posting the incident on their social media, the animal party said they had received information by a person who wished to remain anonymous, that the dog had been left on the balcony “almost every day, from morning to night”.

The party called on people to take care of their pets, and not leave them outside during high temperatures but make sure they are left in a covered area with access to fresh water and food as well as “lots of love and compassion”.

Video of the dog on the balcony






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