As of Saturday, people found positive for Covid-19, will have to fill out an electronic form if they want to get their release certificates when their quarantine period is completed, the health ministry has said.

According to the revised guidelines announced on Saturday, from now, all confirmed cases will be receiving a link and access codes via SMS to the mobile phone number they gave upon testing to an electronic form.

They are required to fill out the form with their personal information, their contacts and who their general practitioner (GP), is, “in order to get the release certificates when their quarantine period is completed.” People found positive can complete the form via smart phone, tablet or computer at

The access code lasts 72 hours from the time the SMS is received.

“If this form is not completed correctly, then the cases will not receive the release certificates needed to prove their recovery and they cannot receive any certificate from the Republic of Cyprus,” the ministry stressed.

For instructions on how to fill the electronic form and only for those who have received a link and access codes, the person can contact the following telephone numbers 22421600, 22495671, 22495666, 22421745, 22570588 (Monday to Sunday 08:00-00:00).

If people do not receive an SMS with the access codes and the link within 24 hours from the time they test positive, they can contact the contact tracing team at 22771923 (Monday to Sunday 08:00-00:00) or email [email protected] or the laboratory that performed the test to check if all their contact details were sent correctly to the health ministry.

Confirmed cases with mild symptoms can self-isolate at home for the isolation period that is needed (see release protocol at The same applies for confirmed cases who have been hospitalised and were discharged from the hospital; they can continue their remaining isolation period at their home. This decision should be taken after telephone evaluation by their doctor and previously ensure the appropriate conditions of isolation in their house, as well as frequent communication with a health professional. If the application of all the following guidelines is not possible, there is free public quarantine and free transportation after arrangements with the Ministry of Health.

Vaccinated people that have a positive laboratory result for SARS-COV-2 also need to self-isolate.

The ministry also recalls that people who test positive need to inform their contacts. A close contact is:

  • A person who lives with a confirmed case.
  • A person who has had direct physical contact with a confirmed case (eg. handshake).
  • A person who had face-to-face contact with a confirmed case at less than 2 metres and lasting more than 15 minutes, or frequent contacts at a distance of less than 2 metres within 24 hours.
  • A person found indoors (eg classroom, cinema, hospital waiting areas, etc.) with a confirmed case for more than 15 minutes and at a distance of less than 2 metres.
  • A healthcare professional or other person providing health care to a COVID-19 case, or laboratory personnel handling a confirmed case sample, without using the appropriate protective equipment or if it was damaged.
  • Companion on an aircraft sitting up to two rows (in each direction) from a confirmed case, persons traveling together or caring for the patient, crew members serving the part of the airplane where the patient was sitting (possibly all passengers sitting in the same section), even all the passengers of the flight can be considered as close contacts if due to the serious symptoms of the patient and movements of the patient in the aircraft (entails a more extensive exposure)

For contact tracing reasons the case must report the close contacts they had 2 days before symptom onset or 2 days before the testing date in asymptomatic cases (taking into account the oldest date).

For general information about COVID19, contact 1474 (Monday-Sunday 08:00-20:00).

To report any symptoms, contact your doctor or 1420 hotline (24 hours).

For release protocol issues, contact [email protected], or 22605306 (Monday-Friday 08:00-20:00).

For any further instructions and clarifications, contact the Contact Tracing Team 22771923 or email [email protected] (Monday-Sunday 08:00-00:00).