The Republic has provided the north around 4,000 MW of power in six days, as it struggled with power production, the transmission system operator (TSO) said on Wednesday.

Transmission of power started on August 12 and ended at 12pm on Wednesday.

Initially, it had been requested for transmission to be terminated at midnight Tuesday, but Turkish Cypriots asked for an extension, TSO spokesman Rogiros Tapakis said.

He said around 4,000 MW were provided and it is expected they will be returned in September and October.

Reports from the north however, said power supply was still problematic, despite Turkey providing tonnes of fuel.

Turkish Cypriot media said a 10-hour interruption was expected between 12pm and 10pm on Wednesday due to problems in production.

The two sides have helped each other with power in the past. In 2015, it was decided to link the two grids on a permanent basis as part of a series of measures to build confidence between the two communities.