The met office has issued a new yellow alert valid from 1pm to 5pm on Wednesday.

Forecasters said temperatures overnight on Tuesday would be around 22C inland and 23C on the coast. On Wednesday the temperature is expected to be 40C inland and 32C in the higher mountains.

The high temperatures will continue into Thursday but at noon and in the afternoon, there will be a few clouds, in the mountains and inland.

At the same time, the forestry department issued a red alert for fires on Wednesday as temperatures in the island are set to be extremely high.

The department urged the public to be careful during their activities outdoors and avoid actions and activities that are likely to cause a fire, such as the use of tools or agricultural machinery producing, sparks or flames.

Furthermore, the statement reminded that the fine for those who start a fire without a licence can amount to up to 10 years in prison or €50,000 or both according to the forest law of 2012, and up to five years in jail or €20,000 according to the Prevention of Fires in the Rural Areas Act 1988.

Lighting fires to cook food is only permitted in designated picnic or barbecue areas, the Forestry Department added.

Anyone who spots smoke or fire in or near the forest should contact 1407 (Forest Department) or 112 (Fire Department).