Morphou Bishop Neophytos has completed his treatment for Covid-19 and will be reassuming his duties on Monday, it was announced on Friday.

The bishop had tested positive on August 16, after displaying mild symptoms. News of his illness sparked distress in the small community of Tris Elies where Neophytos had attended a church service the previous day despite the symptoms.

None of the people, around 66, who came into contact with him tested positive in the immediate aftermath.

In a statement on Friday, Neophytos thanked his three doctors, including controversial epidemiologist Elpidoforos Soteriades, and God, saying his first official presence will be a night vigil on Wednesday in Astromeritis to honour Ayios Mamas.

Neophytos also informed the faithful that he will be limiting his activities until the end of December, including personal meetings for the sake of peace and prayer.

Neophytos has repeatedly expressed opposition to the vaccine, despite the Holy Synod encouraging the faithful to get it.

He said he would not get the jab, because he did not want to become like a genetically modified product.

The bishop was also accused of breaking measures against the spread of coronavirus by encouraging his congregation to attend church services when they were banned and refused to pay a fine imposed on him for his actions.