Administrative personnel at the Cyprus University of Technology Union (Tepak) have slammed the decision of the senate to only allow vaccinated and Covid recovered students to attend lessons in person in September.

An announcement by their union Sytepak condemned the university’s decision which would ban unvaccinated members of the administrative staff from various university activities.

The university announced last week that only the vaccinated and those who had recently recovered from Covid would be allowed to physically attend campus.

“We support university’s efforts to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but the imposed measures are too strict and excessive and will certainly affect normal working and stability within the university,” the announcement added.

Sytepak also criticised the university’s “arrogance” saying they acted “without any disposition for dialogue and prior consultation”.

“Students’ concerns have to be considered and the Senate should come back with a commonly accepted solution. Sytepak refuses to allow for the administrative staff to be divided into categories of vaccinated and unvaccinated,” Sytepak said.

They warned that they might take measures if Tepak insists on implementing the decision.