A case filed against the state by a group of 67 people seeking an interim order against core measures enforced by the coronavirus restrictions was rejected by the Nicosia district court on Tuesday.

The group was seeking an interim order (essentially, exemption from the measures until a final decision was made) for the requirement of rapid tests at schools and the use of masks for children above the age of 12.

The court ruled that those who refused to comply with the measures were not denied or completely prohibited from lessons as the option of distance learning was available.

In the case of exams, the same students were provided with the option of sitting in a separate hall.

The announcement on Tuesday highlighted that the three main issues are: whether the restrictions infringe on the individual freedoms of the applicants is a matter for the court to decide at the hearings, what the appropriate remedy may be and the necessity of the measures to protect the health of the wider population.

In another blow to those challenging the decrees in court, a man had his case rejected – which was centred on the legality of the quarantine measures and fined a man €1,000 on Tuesday for attending a church service last year.