Police said Tuesday they are continuing their investigation into a Larnaca cardiologist suspected of issuing fake vaccination certificates.

Spokesman Christos Andreou said 26 of his patients have submitted to antibody tests to determine whether they had received a Covid jab. The results have not been received yet.

Investigators were also poring over the list of the 53-year-old’s patients declared as vaccinated.

Two of the doctor’s unvaccinated patients have died from Covid and police were taking statements from people in connection with those two cases.

The doctor was arrested on August 6 and was remanded in custody twice before he was released pending the police investigation.

He was arrested after the family of a 41-year-old reported to police that he had been issued a fake vaccination certificate.

His father said he was informed that his son had confessed to medical and nursing staff at the hospital that he had obtained the fake document and that it was his son’s GP who had issued it.

After checks, it was found that the 41-year-old was registered in the Gesy system as having received the vaccine, which was administered by the suspect.

The nurse who heard from the 41-year-old he had not been vaccinated, told police she had asked him before the intubation if he had received the jab.