Larnaca district court on Tuesday sentenced a 22-year-old man to two years in jail for illegal drug possession and intent to sell.

The man was arrested on April 2 after the drug squad stopped for checking a scooter driven by the 22-year-old in Larnaca. In a subsequent search, a nylon package containing approximately 1,206 grammes of cannabis was found in his shoulder bag, while the €220 was also found in his possession and withheld for examination.

Further investigations at the suspect’s home revealed a bag containing cannabis weighing 8 grammes, and a grinder containing cannabis traces, while a search was carried out in the car of his partner, in which he admitted having placed a bag containing cannabis. During the search, a shoulder bag containing two nylon packages of cannabis, weight of 47 grammes, and a precision scale with cannabis traces were found.

The court found the 22-year-old defendant guilty and sentenced him to 24 months in prison.