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Coronavirus: Supermarket fined €8,000 for violating Covid measures

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A Larnaca-based supermarket was fined €8,000 for failing to check customers for a SafePass while an employee was found without a facemask, police said on Monday.

The business was among six establishments fined after 3,141 nationwide police checks between 6am on Sunday and 6am on Monday for breaches of coronavirus measures.

Police said a kiosk was also fined in Larnaca for €500 because the manager was not wearing a facemask. A bakery in Paphos where an employee was not wearing a facemask was also booked for the same amount.

A betting shop in Nicosia was fined €1,500 after officers discovered the manager allowed one employee to work without a SafePass.

Another betting shop in Limassol was booked €750 because the manager let someone in the premises without a SafePass, while a minimarket which allowed more people than the maximum capacity was received a €500 fine.

A total of 42 individuals were also booked as part of the checks, mainly for failing to wear a facemask, police said.

Almost half of the people, 20, were booked in Limassol after 309 checks, followed by Nicosia where six people were booked after 1,117 checks and Famagusta where six people were booked following 439 checks.

Four more people were booked in Larnaca after 454 checks and another two in Paphos after 354 checks.

No violations were reported by Morphou officers, traffic, marine and port police.

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