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Why companies use ATS

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You may wonder how some organizations have the time and manpower to hire qualified employees. The secret is, they have great technology on their side. From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, applicant tracking software can be a game-changer when it comes to hiring talent. From hiring managers to human resources, the entire team benefits from a streamlined hiring and onboarding process. Here are a few ways in which your company can benefit from using an applicant tracking software, or ATS.

Find quality candidates

The internet is an incredible resource, making it easier than ever to find great candidates for your company’s open positions. Because many employers and employees are also open to remote work, the pool of qualified candidates expands even further. While this means you have a greater chance of finding a great person for the job, it also means hundreds or thousands of applicants for each position. Since applying online is simple, many half-qualified individuals may apply. An ATS helps you narrow it down to those who would be actually well-suited for the position.

Create a pool of potential workers

As mentioned, a good ATS will help you narrow your search down to the best candidates for a particular position, but you may have instances where a great talent comes along and just isn’t a great fit for that particular role. Your ATS should be keeping track of these candidates, so if a position comes up in the future, you know who to reach out to.

Save time

A good ATS will save your company loads of time. From sharing open positions on job boards to scheduling interviews, the software should streamline this entire process. All of the data will be at your fingertips, easily accessible to those who need it. If you’re interested in looking at analytics regarding the hiring process at your company, your ATS will make this data available to help simplify the process in the future, and see what’s working and what isn’t.

Increase communication

Communication is hard enough in the office, but in a world of remote workers and flexible schedules, it becomes even more difficult. Your ATS should make communication between hiring managers, human resources, and recruiters seamless. You want your entire team to be on the same page from the interviews through the onboarding process, and an ATS gives you a central place to do that.


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