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MPs looking to open euthanasia debate

Akel MP Irini Charalambides

MPs and the Bar association agreed Tuesday that it was time for a discussion on euthanasia to open in Cyprus, arguing it was a matter of human rights.

House human rights committee head, Akel MP, Irini Charalambides said they planned to table the issue for discussion along with Green party colleague Alexandra Attalides.

“It is a matter of a person having the choice to end their life the way they see fit,” Charalambides said after a meeting with the leadership of the Bar association. “Personally, I’m very sensitive on this issue because I have gone through tragic times in my family, and I would have wanted my loved ones to have this right.”

The Akel MP said she accepted an invitation from the Bar association to take part in their anniversary congress on December 10, which will deal with euthanasia.

“The debate must open for views to be exchanged and steps to be made on such key matters relating to a person’s welfare,” she said.

Charalambides said euthanasia was a matter that provoked strong reactions but was also “a matter of rights.”

The chairman of the Bar association Christos Clerides said the sides agreed on actions aimed at defending human rights in a state governed by the rule of law.

Clerides said the association planned to map human rights problems in Cyprus in the next three months and asked for the committee’s help in doing so.

He said they planned on starting to realise their objective of strengthening the rule of law through protection of human rights by drafting law proposals and where necessary to push the government into submitting bills on these matters early in 2022.


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