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Biggest dos and don’ts of boxing

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Boxing is an incredible sport that allows you to combine a keen eye for detail, fast reaction speeds, strength, and mobility all into one sport.  If you’re new to boxing and you want to be capable of being your best: it’s a good idea to get to know the dos and don’ts first.

Each of these items can drastically change how you do while boxing, so get to know each of them and practice until you’re perfect.

Do: Protect your wrists

Your wrists are the most important part of your arm when it comes to throwing punches.  You could have the most powerful biceps ever: but if your wrist is unprotected and flexible, it could break and leave your arm useless.  Buy wraps and wrap your wrist.  

Punching puts a lot of pressure on these joints and wraps run less than twenty dollars to find a pair that will protect your body.  Purchase full 180 wraps. They’ll provide better protection and security.

Don’t: Forget form matters.

No incredible memory of boxing combinations will save you if your form makes you break your wrist or throw out your shoulder on accident.

Pay attention to your form, even when you’re simply practicing by shadowboxing, and put your full attention on every move you make.  If you catch your punches veering off what they need to be, or your wrist keeps bending, relearn that move from the beginning.

Do: Take actual classes

Although in modern times, it feels like you can learn and perfect almost anything with the right combination of an application and Youtube, don’t let these be your only teachers.

Take the time and set aside some money so you can take at least a solid introductory course.  Seek out lessons with a low student-to-teacher ratio, even better if you can learn one-on-one.  From here, listen to the guidance on form and practice, and take it to heart.  

Don’t: Accidentally hit yourself.

Every boxer has to start as a rookie, so don’t take it personally if you realize you’ve done something embarrassing or that you’ve made a mistake.  One of the best ways to avoid problems is to pay attention to where your hand goes whether or not a punch connects with your opponent.

The impact doesn’t stop when you land a hit, it can send your hand flying back towards you, and it’s not uncommon for newbie boxers to accidentally hit themselves in the face. So pay attention, and avoid knocking yourself out.

Do: Practice on your own

One of the best ways to practice your form and prepare you for what swinging punches against opponents feels like is to shadowbox.  This type of boxing conditioning requires athletes to practice by throwing punches against imaginary fighters.  It can feel silly to punch in thin air, but this is a fantastic way to take your own pace and pay attention to how you’re throwing your punches and moving your body

In addition, punching against air may help you notice twists in your spine that you don’t feel when you’re hitting a bag.

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