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Why tribute acts & cover bands are actually great

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For many music lovers, a live show is the best way to experience songs. Live acts keep the party going and instill a sense of joy and camaraderie among those in the crowd. However, it’s not always possible to see your favorite act in person.

This is why tribute and cover bands are essential to the music scene as a whole, offering a chance for audiences to experience top bands and greatest hits in a different way.

They provide a great alternative

Oftentimes, people fall in love with a band that has long since stopped touring either because they have retired or are just no longer around. Tribute and cover bands can replicate the feeling of the group or music catalog on stage at any time, giving show-goers another chance to catch the artists’ music in a different form.

Additionally, many currently popular bands only hit up large cities and venues on their touring circuit. Tribute and cover bands more often than not play small, local venues or events that host bands for hire, such as weddings, fundraisers, or festivals.

You feel like you’re watching the real thing

Tribute bands in particular pride themselves on not only making music that’s as close to the original band’s as possible, but even replicating their stage presence. Think of them as a highly specialized cover band that seeks to emulate the greats like The Rolling Stones or Fleetwood Mac in both sound and look.

 If you’ve never been able to experience the actual band, tribute bands are the next best thing and can reproduce your favorite band’s music in a live setting.

You can experience old favorites in a new light

Cover bands don’t seek out playing another band’s song exactly like the original. Rather, they like to do their own interpretation of top hits and classics. This might be making a pop song more soulful or a classic rock song more pop-like.

 Since cover bands tend to cover a wider range of music, you might also hear top hits back-to-back that wouldn’t otherwise seem to fit on something like a radio station playlist. Experiencing a Kings of Leon song followed by Journey puts both tracks in a totally new light.

They get the party going

There is nothing better than attending a music show where everyone is singing along, hanging on to every word. Tribute and cover bands facilitate this beautifully by playing tracks that are familiar to the majority of the crowd.

 They can help set the tone for an event or venue, and even interact with crowd members to make the experience that much more special.

Their passion is clear

Who else is going to form a band specifically to emulate another? Or a band that reinterprets several musicians’ songs specifically for the enjoyment of a crowd? Musicians who are passionate, that’s who.

Tribute and cover band members clearly enjoy what they do, and it’s never more apparent than to someone watching them onstage as they rock their way through a set. 

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