In a new twist, a court ruling on Friday paved the way for socialists Edek to finally hold an electoral congress that will decide the party’s new leadership.

The ruling overturns a prior court decision which had put on hold the party’s elections.

Under the initial schedule, the elections were to be held this weekend. But the prior court decision – now overturned – had thrown a spanner in the works.

The party is now expected to announce a new date for the electoral congress.

In a statement shortly after the latest court decision, Edek said it would consult its lawyers and, taking into account the party’s charter, “we will decide how to set into motion further procedures to bring to completion the party’s electoral congress.”

The party’s electoral process has sparked a protracted in-fighting including internal disputes over the legitimacy of member rolls. The row has focused on the validity of the party members’ register.

Party dissidents have alleged irregularities as regards who can vote, accusing the incumbents of shenanigans in a bid hang on to power. The party leadership countered that everything is being done by the book and suggested that opponents seek to create problems because they know they have no chance of winning.