Two businesses in Paphos and Limassol as well as 21 individuals were fined for violating coronavirus measures, police said on Wednesday.

A Limassol-based petrol station was booked €500 for allowing an employee to work without a SafePass around 9am on Tuesday, while a liquor store was fined €500 because the manager was not wearing their mask properly and was talking to a customer and the business failed to carry all the necessary coronavirus signage.

The fines were part of daily police checks for the implementation of Covid measures.

Between 6am on Tuesday and 6am on Wednesday, officers carried out 2,948 checks.

Most checks, 1,429, were carried out in the capital where 12 people were fined. Four people were booked after 273 checks in Limassol and two in Larnaca after 506 inspections.

In Paphos, two people were booked after 169 checks and one individual in Famagusta after 330 checks while no violations were reported in Morphou after 120 checks.

Traffic police also carried out 121 checks without any bookings.