As of Monday, it will be mandatory for all businesses to carry out SafePass checks through the CovScan application, the health ministry announced on Thursday.

As per a cabinet decision, from Monday, all businesses must check their customers for SafePass through the CovScan Cyprus application, the ministry said.

“Therefore, owners/ managers or authorised employees of establishments/companies where presenting a SafePass is required, need, by November 8, to get the app in order to carry out the checks,” it added.

The application can be downloaded free of charge on any appliance with Android operating system through Google Play.

Checks through the application are carried out by scanning the QR code that appears on the bearer’s certificate (in printed or electronic form) and presents the following validity test results:

– Green: The certificate is valid and means that the holder has completed his/her vaccination regimen or has recovered from COVID-19.

– Yellow / Orange: The certificate is valid and means that the holder has undergone PCR or rapid test with a negative result.

– Red: The certificate is invalid.

The health ministry stressed that “the application was designed in compliance with all the provisions for the protection of personal data and shows only the name and date of birth of the holder and does not store the bearer’s personal data or the history of checks.”

The deputy ministry for research and innovation released a video on how to use the application (Greek only):