A Limassol nightclub was fined €8,000 for operating without a license and violating coronavirus protocols, police said early on Sunday.

The club was booked after employees were found working without a SafePass while customers were served on the bar and were dancing. The establishment was also operating without a relevant licence by the deputy ministry of tourism or a license to sell alcohol, police said.

Authorities also arrested the 30-year-old security guard of the business, who was working without the necessary documents. He was released pending his court appearance, police added.

Meanwhile, another eight businesses were booked for violating coronavirus protocols after 2,784 checks that were carried out between 6am on Saturday and 6am on Sunday.

Among them was a Larnaca business which was booked for €4,000 after people were found dancing in violation of the health ministry’s decrees.

Two more businesses and four individuals were also booked in the district after a total of 487 checks.

In Limassol, two businesses and two people were booked after 274 checks, while three more establishments and one individuals were also booked in Paphos after 154 checks.

Three people were also booked in Famagusta after 435 checks and two in Morphou following 104 inspections.

The majority of checks however, 1,180, were carried out in Nicosia where just two people were booked, police said.

Traffic and port police also carried out 140 and 10 checks respectively without any bookings.

Police said the main violation among individuals concerned their failure to wear a face mask while businesses were booked for failing to check customers for a SafePass, violating the maximum number of people allowed in the premises and after staff were found without a face mask.