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Coronavirus: Hospitals ready for rise in admissions – Okypy


Public hospitals are ready to tackle a possible rise in hospitalisations of patients with Covid-19, state health services organisation Okypy said on Wednesday.

Citing a gradual rise in the number of Covid-19 patients treated in hospitals, Okypy said the situation remains manageable while the organisation’s hospitals stand ready to respond in case of further deterioration.

Okypy’s action plan envisages the deployment of more than 300 beds in Covid-19 wards and 65 intensive care units (ICU) beds in all hospitals.

In recent days, the number of patients treated with Covid is around 120 per day, Okypy said, of which 20 in ICUs and about another 25 in high dependency units. About 70 per cent of patients are not vaccinated, it added.

More than 6,000 patients with Covid-19 have been treated in hospitals since the outbreak of the pandemic to-date, about 600 of whom were in the ICU.

The organisation also said that it has contributed to the low mortality rate in Cyprus, around 0.5 per cent, among patients with Covid-19 treated in hospitals and especially in the ICUs.

It said its effective planning, proper staffing of the hospitals and the strict implementation of the protocols played an important role. This was also due to the dedication of the medical, nursing and other staff, “who continue to work hard and fight daily to save lives”, Okypy said.

The organisation expresses “its deep gratitude to all, since, despite any problems, they protect the health of us all and contribute to the successful management of the pandemic.”

Okypy gave reassurances that ensuring the health of people through high-quality healthcare services remains its top priority.




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