Police fined a Nicosia bakery €4,000 for failing to check its customers for a SafePass, it was announced on Saturday.

The fine was imposed after 1,445 checks in the capital during which another establishment and one individual were also booked for violating coronavirus measures, police said.

The checks were part of 2,695 inspections carried out in the government-controlled areas between 6am on Friday and 6am on Saturday.

Officers in Limassol, who carried out just 212 checks, fined two people and three establishments, including a pub that was booked for €1,500 after allowing customers inside without a SafePass.

Two businesses were also fined in Paphos after 93 checks, while Famagusta officers booked three people after 286 checks and another person was fined in Laranca during 439 checks in the district.

No violations were reported by officers in Morphou, traffic and marine police.