Electronic scanning of the SafePass of people who received one Covid vaccine dose will begin this weekend, the health ministry said on Wednesday, as the unvaccinated are banned from key sectors of the economy.

The decision includes those who have not received a booster dose seven months after their latest jab, the ministry said.

As of Wednesday, only people who received at least one dose of the vaccine will be permitted entry to restaurants, cafes, pubs, cinemas, theatres, closed and open stadiums, as well as social events such as weddings and baptisms.

Those will also be required to present a negative 72-hour PCR or rapid test caried out within the last 48 hours.

Double-vaccinated people who have not received a booster dose within seven months of their second dose will also need to present a negative test in all places where a SafePass is required, the ministry said.

SafePass checks for the specific population groups will be carried out by scanning the EUDCC certificate of the negative test and upon presentation of the vaccination card until Saturday, when a new purple category will be introduced in the CovScan application.

So far, CovScan turns green if the certificate is valid and means that the holder has completed their vaccination or has recovered from Covid-19. Yellow or Orange means the certificate is valid and the holder has undergone PCR or rapid test with a negative result.

Electronic scanning will continue as normal for people who have completed their vaccination scheme or have recovered from the virus in the last six months.

More information will be issued by the deputy ministry of research and innovation in the coming days.