Threading Stories, a project and exhibition space in old Nicosia, is opening once again, celebrating craft, processes and materials. This beginning marks the launch of a new chapter for the new space on Trikoupi Street. Welcoming a new exhibition at the venue, Threading Stories will be permanently open to the public as a shop and an educational space, co-hosting a design studio and workshop dedicated to material exploration, design development and textiles.

Located in a recently renovated area of the old town, Threading Stories first opened last year exhibiting the research project of the owners, textile designer Teresa Georgallis and photographer Alejandro Villacis, exploring craftsmanship, culture and tradition in Latin America. Moving forward, the project now transforms into a platform to host workshops, educational creative events and welcome artists and their processes.

The first collaboration and exhibition present work by designer Thalis Nicolaou titled A Side (Tables) Project 2.0., a deep dive into joinery and mould making. The exhibition will present the designer’s making process and feature his latest work. Its opening event will take place on Friday from 6pm and Saturday 18 from 10am. Until Wednesday 22 visitors will have a chance to explore the space and get to know Thalis’ work.

A Side (Tables) Project 2.0.

Joinery and mould making exhibition by Thalis Nicolaou. Threading Stories, Nicosia. December 17: 6pm-10pm. December 18: 10am-7pm. Until December 22.