The health ministry on Friday confirmed reports that a lab in Paphos was using cotton swabs for rapid tests.

According to the health minister’s spokesperson, Konstantinos Athanasiou, they were notified around 25 days ago from a person working at the lab that rapid antigen tests were carried out with cotton ear swabs.

Speaking to state broadcaster CyBC, Athanasiou said that the health minister immediately gave instructions for the revocation of the lab’s licence to carry out rapid tests on its behalf. He said this irregularity was noticed on the day the report was made.

Asked on whether the case was reported to the police, Athanasiou said it was not but that the competent services were now handling the case.

He also said that checks are being intensified in labs and pharmacies offering rapid tests.

Head of the association of clinical laboratories, Haris Harilaou told, also CyBC, that such cases are isolated. He also said such acts were condemned by the association.