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Coronavirus: Seven businesses, 18 individuals booked for breaking decrees

Υπουργός Μεταφορών, Υφυπουργός Έρ

Police said they reported 18 individuals and seven businesses in the past 24 hours after they were found to be in violation of measures in place to stop the spread of Covid.

Most bookings concerned masks and SafePass infringements.

A police spokesperson said the force carried out 2,666 checks, most in Nicosia, 1,167, where three individuals and four businesses were booked.

In Limassol, officers carried out 180 checks, issuing fines to five people and one establishment while two people were booked in Larnaca during 441 checks.

Paphos police conducted 152 checks and reported two people and two businesses and in Famagusta officers reported six people in 388 checks.

There were no reports in the Morphou area in 197 checks.

Traffic and marine police conducted 128 and 14 checks respectively without any bookings.

Police said most fines issued to private citizens concerned failure to wear protective masks.

In Nicosia, officers issued a €500 fine to the manager of a cafeteria who was not wearing a mask and a €1000 fine to the manager of a second cafeteria who was not wearing a mask and allowed in a person without a SafePass.

A betting shop manager was also handed a €500 fine for not wearing a mask while the manager of a petrol station was fined €500 for allowing an employee to work without a SafePass.

In Limassol, officers fined a kiosk manager €500 because she did not have a SafePass.

Officers issued a fast-food establishment in Paphos with a €1000 fine because two workers were without a mask, one worker was without a mask and a SafePass, customer SafePasses were not checked, and the number of people inside exceeded the regulations.

The second case in Paphos also concerned a fast-food place where the manager had no mask on or SafePass, a staffer did not have a SafePass, customers were not checked, and there were no signs. The fine was €500.

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