The Cyprus Consumers’ and Quality of Life Union has filed a formal complaint against a number of petroleum companies over what it calls unjustified and arbitrary increases in prices of fuel products.

Filed with the Consumer Protection Competition, the complaint is directed at the following: Petrolina Gas, Hellenic Petroleum Cyprus, Coral Cyprus ExxonMobil, Intergaz Ltd, Synergas Ltd and BD Eastern Mediterranean Ltd.

It relates to these companies’ alleged “arbitrary and unacceptable decision, blatantly violating free competition, to raise the price of fuel in a bid to slap onto the retail price, and therefore to pass onto consumers, the private costs of the relocation of their facilities from Larnaca to Vasiliko.”

The union has also petitioned the courts for an injunction that would temporarily bar the companies in question from implementing the price increases.

“Clearly our intention is to demand the return of the money which consumers have paid from the date on which their [i.e. the companies’] decision was implemented.”